Mistress has now retired ……

Booking ahead is required as I usually need to tailor the contents of My suitcase to ensure slave/sub/sissy will be getting the correct treatment. Session requests should also be stated in the first instance as once I arrive there will be no turning back! As standard, a deposit will be required for Me to come to your home/hotel – on a no deposit, no session basis. Dependent on where you are, the cost of travel will need to be met along with the session deposit as will the cost of accommodation if you are outside London.
From an hour, to a week, or even longer, I will consider all requests pending My diary.

International Travel

Having traveled in My Mistress capacity outside of the UK to places such as Dubai & Ireland to name a few, I am always excited by the thought of dominating and ‘sessioning’ in countries outside of My own. As with the usual travel conditions, I will require a session deposit or session tribute in full, travel and accommodation to be paid upfront. Note that if I am travelling long haul I shall expect to stay longer than the session duration so that I may get some rest.



Mobile Sissy Boudoir

As a specialist area of BDSM and fetish play transformation/sissy sessions is one in which I have extensive experience; so it will be no surprise to know that I also travel to the sissy in waiting, at sissy’s home or hotel. Clothing measurements will be expected so that I can bring with Me the correct sized attire and as stated above, all session requests should be made in the first instances of contact so that I am properly prepared for My visit.