The wimpy slave ..

Thank you for allowing me to spend a very hot time in your company. You covered all the fetishes I listed but delivered them way beyond my expectations. I was taken by your beauty and the confidence you exhuded. Getting occasional whiffs of your perfume was adding to my arrousal.

I enjoyed it from start to finish, starting from sneaking peaks of your wonderful stockings / suspenders and a hint of bottom, how I wished I would get to worship that arse not expecting to get that devine privilege. I loved the sensual smoking with the dismissive smoke blown in my face.

I loved the way you changed from sexy shoes to the leather boots, adding the leather gloves later was surely more than I deserved. Worshipping those boots, your body constrained and un-constrained was a joy.

I probably was too whimpy and should have endured more punishment than I did. Being tethered to different apparatus was a good experience, as you know, the bench was a particular favourite and you getting particularly excited over my face – priceless! I was honoured to spend the rest of the session with evidence of your enjoyment intoxicating.

The ending was special too, revisiting that bench, your sexy being, candle wax (along with the electrics earlier), you kept me on edge for pretty much the whole session.

You are a lovely beautiful intelligent sexy funny lady. A joy to be with. Lets do it again sometime! xxx


Hot Session, Cheeky Request

Well, it seems that the appreciations just keep on flooding in. Here is another latest email of gratitude – with a rather cheeky suggestion at the end.

Wickedly, Lady Seducturess

Thank you LS, for a lovely session today. First off you looked gorgeous in you thigh boots and stockings. Fit to be worshipped You had clearly taken in the detail of my likes and dislikes and did everything I desired and requested throughout the session. There was no sense of clock watching throughout and we enjoyed a nice chat afterwards with you giving me time to wind down from my explosive high.

You have such wonderful skin – kissing your
neck and shoulders was a joy – and as you know I could not
get over your peachy bottom – never have I seen or touched one
so perfect – maybe You’ll consider donating it to


Sheer Pleasure & Joy: Another Testimonial

Good afternoon Mistress

Thank you for an absolutely fabulous afternoon of kinky fun. You were such a considerate host and also a cruel mistress when I stepped out of line.

As you know I have followed you on twitter and your web site for some time. So meeting you in person was an honour and a dream come true. Without a doubt you are even more beautiful in the flesh, the derriere is truly divine .

I travelled home grinning, I had some strange looks but who cares; I had had an afternoon of being the plaything of Lady Seductress. Sheer pleasure and joy – I’ll be back if you allow me to.

Many thanks

Alannah xx

Obediently Mine: The Latest Testimonial

 Another amazing session – read the latest…

‘When Lady Seductress told me that she would be going to the Sissy Manor this September I was instantly jealous of everyone who would be able to attend.  My personal circumstances make it impossible for me to do so but I couldn’t help but think of all the fun I was missing!

Luckily mistress agreed to see me the week after and I was able to enjoy my own sissy experience. Our session started out in a very relaxed way, with the chance to dress up, chat and relax, but by the end I have been reminded of my place and treated accordingly.  I have been visiting mistress for many years, leaving every session buzzing and this one was no exception.  Lady seductress really throws herself into her work and seems to enjoy our sessions as much as me.  I can’t wait until the next time!

All the best

Yours Obediently


Lavished With Yet More Words – Of Appreciation

Earlier this April I went to see Lady Seductress for a session. I booked for one hour and Mistress looked immaculate. Mistress wore a tight body hugging latex dress which complimented her gorgeous figure. Mistress had not changed at all – I was a returning slave who had not been to London in a while. I found Her as ever, beautiful, friendly and professional.

Once inside Her Chambers Mistress discussed my needs. Once decided, I was asked to strip and place my clothes neatly aside. From that moment Mistress was in total control. I was tied to the rack had rope bondage and was blindfolded. Mistress used an array of instruments on the outside of my body and made me tingle with excitement. After the rack I did get a good spanking which I thoroughly deserved. I then knelt down to worship Her expensive stilettos as told. Mistress has a unique understanding of BDSM and wonderfully clean Chambers which is very secure and perfect for privacy; in which you can release your inner fantasies. I’m so glad to be back in Her service and you can see that Lady Seductress is serious about Her vocation in BDSM. Also, Mistress is not a clock watcher!

If you are serious about going to see a beautiful Mistress I suggest Lady Seductress. I have returned to be a permanent fixture as a slave. You will not be disappointed.


Another wonderful review .

Review for Lady Seductress

This was my first visit to a domme and after spending a lot of time looking at her website, I eventually made an appointment to see Lady Seductress. She made the whole process of meeting her very easy, agreeing to see me the following day, which I hadn’t really expected. Once I arrived at Piccadilly Circus she gave me clear instructions to her front door. Upon entering I was greeted by a charming and very attractive lady – as has been often remarked, even better looking than in the photos on her website – and was led upstairs to her apartment where I was told to take my clothes off before entering her dungeon. It was clear from the first who was in charge which immediately made me want to please her.

 Being a novice I made a host of errors which gave Mistress every reason to chastise me and promised that I would receive appropriate punishment for. She is an expert in tying the bondage rope and straight away I knew that I had come to the right place. Once tied she told me to kneel at her feet and worship her gorgeous stockinged legs; I was pathetically hopeless and she made sure that I knew that I needed to up my game. When I stood up Mistress looked at me with penetrating and beautiful brown eyes and told me off before bending me over and punishing my bare bottom with a number of floggers and other implements after warming me up with a hand spanking. She then secured me to the frame and used the flogger on my back and my backside. Despite her instructions I continually annoyed Mistress and after some more spanking she bound me to the spanking bench and used a number of canes making sure that I was counting the strokes. She teased me by walking in front of me so that I could observe her magnificent bottom which she then made me kiss and worship. After she had dealt thoroughly with my bottom she released me before instructing me to stand on the frame and using a wicked little pin wheel on my body and my cock and balls and as a prelude to her using her hands to further excite me. Finally Mistress released me and allowed me to kneel at her beautiful feet while we chatted so that she could get to know a little more about me.

 The session was everything that I had hoped and much more besides. Though things never felt rushed, the time seemed tofly by and I was taken to places that I had never been to before in my head. Mistress is totally professional and expert in everything she does. She is stunningly beautiful with a shapely body and gorgeous legs and the loveliest penetrating brown eyes that simply make you want to obey her every command. I can’t wait to visit Mistress again and once more be under her control.