BDSM Sessions

I am perceptive and intelligent – naturally dominant – well versed in all aspects of BDSM and I LOVE to explore. I seek perfection, and I demand respect, adore worship and believe in strict obedience.

I am somewhat sadistic and can be deliciously cruel, but I am also very understanding to the needs of my submissives and take due care and attention to those who are novice. So for those of you with little experience, I can gently guide you into the world of submission and you will find that submitting to me comes easily. For the more seasoned players, I can be hard and demanding. So expect a challenge!

Devoted to my role as a Mistress for many years, you will find me a seductively wicked and a fabulously kinky professional lady. I am a Mistress with a sense of humour and a passion for both fetishism and BDSM, a Mistress who delights in erotic dominant fantasies and endless types of role play:


Authentic servitude

Authentic servitude

 BDSM activities that Mistress enjoys



Sissy Slut Academy

TVs who wish to serve Mistress and those who enjoy forced Bi Sessions –  Mistress can accommodate you.

Slave Girl Barbarella

Meet the stunning obedient slave girl, elegant sophisticated slut Barbarella she will be more than happy to serve mistress in a session of frolics and fun  Advanced bookings only Email Mistress for further information

Serious and Strict Mistress

Serious and Strict Mistress

As a professional dominatrix, it is important to me that the session runs smoothly. Therefore I insist you explain your limits and pain thresholds, your likes and dislikes. My sessions are never rushed, but if we clear this up beforehand we are sure to spend as much time as possible enjoying each other’s company. It is important that we communicate well beforehand so the scene runs to perfection when we meet.

I am a Dominatrix Goddess with deep dark desires, beautiful eyes, and a beautiful mind. Yet I will still intimidate you with My beauty. You will willingly surrender control to Me as I lead you on your path to submission. Going down the worm hole of total mental domination, into a soothing, dark, world and coming out into sub space glory.

I can be a strict Mistress but I also enjoy introducing novices to the joy of submission. Tie and tease is a good way to start (and not just available to novices!). Light bondage with the soft lick of a flogger across the body, blindfolds and restraints, and nothing else but My voice guiding you into subspace. Sensual domination may encompass all sorts of play, Tease and denial is a excellent way to introduce you to the world of erotic BDSM and will help you familiarise yourself with my wonderful toys and equipment in My exquisite surroundings.

bondage sessions


For Your Information:

  • Mistress expects you to be on time
  • Mistress expects you to greet and treat her with utmost respect and manners
  • Mistress wants to know whether you can be marked or not
  • Mistress wants to know your threshold for each activity
  • Mistress loves role play sessions, but do not turn up with a two page script. Email her your desires and she will endeavour to include them in the session
  • Mistress does not offer scat
  • Mistress will spend some time discussing your past experiences before your first session, the more she knows the better the session!
  • Mistress enjoys her privacy it is important  to respect that as she will yours
  • Mistress expects you to always be clean, respectful and obedient!
  • Respectful novices are welcome to enquire. Click  here for a review by recent first timer

FURTHER TO THIS Mistress is waiting to use her seductive powers onYOU!!!


Domination and submission