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April 2017. Earlier this April I went to see Lady Seductress for a session. I booked for one hour and Mistress looked immaculate. Mistress wore a tight body hugging latex dress which complimented her gorgeous figure. Mistress had not changed at all – I was a returning slave who had not been to London in a while. I found Her as ever, beautiful, friendly and professional.

Once inside Her Chambers Mistress discussed my needs. Once decided, I was asked to strip and place my clothes neatly aside. From that moment Mistress was in total control. I was tied to the rack had rope bondage and was blindfolded. Mistress used an array of instruments on the outside of my body and made me tingle with excitement. After the rack I did get a good spanking which I thoroughly deserved. I then knelt down to worship Her expensive stilettos as told. Mistress has a unique understanding of BDSM and wonderfully clean Chambers which is very secure and perfect for privacy; in which you can release your inner fantasies. I’m so glad to be back in Her service and you can see that Lady Seductress is serious about Her vocation in BDSM. Also, Mistress is not a clock watcher!

If you are serious about going to see a beautiful Mistress I suggest Lady Seductress. I have returned to be a permanent fixture as a slave. You will not be disappointed. Martin

May 2017. Just a stone’s throw from the hurly burly of Piccadilly Circus there is a path to a Temple of Tranquility. A place of devine devotion. An apparent oasis of calm. Take care, for appearances can be deceptive. Once the door closes quietly behind you, you are in the presence of a siren seductress.

I was firmly instructed to adopt the appropriate position to commence worship. Imperious in stature, Lady Seductress towered over me in her heels. Clad in black  from top to
toe I was set to work polishing the latex that was clinging to the contours of her perfect body. I then kneeled in subservience before this Glorious Goddess to pay homage to her heavenly heels as she sat on her altar. As my lips caressed her stilettos I was reduced to the level of a slavering slave.

I knew that I was in the realm of an experienced Mistress. Despite providing just an outline of my desires she knew instinctively that the crop was for teasing and menace rather than thrashing. She was already inside my head and I was under her spell. Using carefully chosen language and seductively spoken words, while restraining me
on the bondage chair,  Mistress transported to a space I had dreamt of in the shrine of the Seductress.

The pilgrimage concluded with me on my knees worshiping the strap-on of the Mistress with vigour.  Once I had shown due deference, the strap-on was put to good use to remind me of my place in the celestial order. It was not just my head that Mistress had entered. Through a combination of sensuality and discipline Lady Seductress had helped me to discover my true path. The one to her Temple. My Piccadilly Pilgrimage had only just begun. Stephen

November 2016. Having originally contacted Lady Seductress at least two years ago I finally plucked up the courage to visit Her recently. I nervously rang the doorbell and the door opened seconds later: I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful Mistress looked. I followed Mistress up the stairs to Her chambers, trying hard not to stare at her wonderful legs and figure.

The play space is neat and compact with plenty of toys, implements and furniture to satisfy the most hardened submissive/slave however I opted for a more sensual session involving mainly face sitting. Before the sessionstarted we had a nice little relaxing drink and chat which put me at ease.

At the start of our play Mistress ordered me to strip and put on french knickers, hold up stockings and a slip. Mistress looked stunning in Her black lingerie, especially Her black silky panties and really fancy stockings and Mistress’s really high heel shoes topped Her look off perfectly. After a little leg and foot worship I was ordered to lie face up on Her recently acquired Queening bench,Mistress then stood astride my face and slowly lowered Her absolutely gorgeous peachy bottom onto my face, I can’t explain how amazing it felt to have such a beautiful lady sitting on my grateful face, the softness of Her skin and Her aroma -oh my goodness! I was in paradise.

I won’t go into too much detail but suffice to say I was totally satisfied and fulfilled at the end of the session, there was no rushing or clock watching in the session or afterwards – we had another nice drink and chat. Lady Seductress is adorable, I won’t be rude and tell you how old She is but believe me She looks years younger, Her complexion belies Her age, Mistress is beautiful, full of fun and makes you feel at ease and special too. I promise you won’t be disappointed if you see Her, Thank you you ever so much

Mistress for a fantastic first time session, I’ll definitely be back for more fun soon…….gusset x

December 2014. I would like to share some thoughts about Mistress Lady Seductress from a complete novice’s perspective. Firstly, a little background about me…I’d only ever explored on my own before and although I knew of a number of things that really interested me, it was not possible to experience their full impact alone.

I joined some online groups but found no real way forward through those…quite disappointing in fact. However, one of those lead me on to a serendipitous journey into the world of Mistresses and thus, through a process of careful researching to Mistress Lady Seductress herself. Her website was very professional and Mistress seemed to offer not only the very things I was looking for, but also the right mixture of pain and pleasure I was seeking. So, after a lot of soul searching, a very nervous novice sent Mistress an email enquiring about a session.

What followed was a series of emails in which I explained what I thought I was looking for and what my limitations were, mainly based on health issues. Mistress was very understanding and quite encouraging. A session was booked but I now had two weeks to wait until the day…gulp!Two weeks can be a very long time and all sorts of things were going through my head…I was finding it hard to concentrate on anything other than images in my head of what was to come. When the day approached, I phoned Mistress as instructed the day before to confirm everything. In just a few words over the phone, I was put at my ease and we discovered a common interest. I was now really looking forward to the session…though still very nervous!On the day I prepared myself as well as I knew how and took the train to London.

On arrival at Piccadilly Circus I texted Mistress and asked if it was OK to phone. On saying yes, we spoke and I was guided me to her door which she answered immediately. Taking me upstairs to her chambers we spoke for a while exchanging pleasantries. Then the session began and Mistress took charge. All that I had asked for I got and more…it was a wonderful hour and a half with me totally lost in a new world. I shall not go into any detail as everyone is different and seeks different things. Mistress was very understanding of my nervousness and the fact that I was a complete novice. She was very perceptive and tested my boundaries on numerous occasions.

I suspect Mistress went easy on me as she rewarded me with opportunities to worship her wonderful body without having to earn the pleasure with too much pain…I suspect she may not be so generous next time! By the end of the session I had experienced so many things that it took me a full three days to sort in my mind what had happened and how I truly felt about it. My nipples were deliciously sore for longer than that!

So what would I say to any prospective slave who is also novice? Think very carefully about what youlike and don’t like and be absolutely open and honest with Mistress…but also be prepared to try new things! That way you get the most from your session. I learned that some of the things I asked for were absolutely to my liking; others were an experience I will never forget. I will try some different things next time…perhaps letting Mistress have more of a free hand in choosing what we discover together next…oh yes, there most certainly will be a next time. If you are undecided, just follow your heart and go for it…you will not regret it.

Thank you Mistress! Now total new slave Hugo

April 2014

This was my first visit to Mistress. She is even more attractive than the pictures in her website, with a pretty face, a taut and shapely body, long slim legs and a behind as round and firm as a peach. But beautiful though she is, it rapidly became clear to me that she enforces a regime which is both strict and unforgiving.

Her dungeon is low lit and inviting. However, her visitors are not intended to have an easy time, as was proved by the whipping bench, the cage and the punishment frame waiting threateningly for me. So it was with a mixture of fear and anticipation that I introduced myself. But, to my relief, she responded by greeting me pleasantly. This was followed by a preliminary discussion about how she would deal with me. It was friendly but serious and she made it quite clear that there would be no going back on what we had agreed. She intended to discipline me strictly and, I would have to live with the consequences of our decisions, no matter how tough they were for me.

Then the session started. Mistress was firm and decisive and she immediately instructed me to strip off and kneel on the bench in preparation for a good dose of the cane. I knew that she would tolerate no delay or argument and I was soon stretched over it, waiting tensely for her to start work on my naked and tightly bent backside. In front of me lay a slim, pale yellow cane with a leather handle which I felt sure I would shortly be getting to know better. It did not take long for my bottom to learn that I was right.

She stood beside me and with a smile drew my attention to an elegant statuette next to the bench. It was of a nude girl with high breasts and a neatly rounded bottom. She said lightly – but with an undertone of menace – that admiring that pert little behind might help me to come to terms with what was about to happen to mine. Then she picked up the cane and, stepping behind me, swished it up and down as if to warn me of my impending punishment. I felt it tap my backside gently, as she positioned herself and gauged her aim. There was a pause; then the first stroke whistled down and with a sharp thwack sliced into the peak of my buttocks. I gasped as a lacerating sting lanced through them. Then, one after the other, at intervals of a few seconds, another five eye-wateringly hard strokes whipped across my bare behind. When she had finished, I lay on the bench, squirming in agony from the blisteringly painful results of what can only be described as six of the very best.

This was just the first step in a tough and unrelenting session. Mistress is uncompromising and anyone who fails to respond fully to her extremely demanding requirements can expect to be dealt with very firmly, as I soon found. Although freshly caned, I was allowed no respite but was immediately spread-eagled naked in the frame, where she subjected my back and my buttocks to a full-blooded flogging which left me writhing in my bonds and panting loudly. But more was to come and, when I was released, I was instructed to lie face-upwards on a flat, leather-covered bench to which she secured me by my wrists and ankles. She teased my nipples until they were erect and then clipped tightly sprung clamps over them. The pain was excruciating but my agonised gasps did not persuade her to remove them. Nor did she spare my cock and balls from the flogger. Its thongs whipped fiercely round them as she stood over me and brought stroke after stroke swishing down. Only when she was satisfied that I had been dealt with adequately did she put it aside and release my nipples from the burning grip of the clamps. Then, writhing in anguish, I was directed to squeeze into the narrow confines of her cage, where, locked behind its bars and almost unable to move, I awaited further punishment.

But Mistress can be merciful if she wishes and she allowed me some relief, though at a cost. For ten strokes, she offered me the chance to caress her feet and legs. They looked so attractive that I quickly accepted and over the bench I went. My caning was sound and remorseless but I took it as stoically as I could, knowing that when she had finished with me, I would have the pleasure of feeling the suppleness of her limbs through her sheer stockings. Then she also gave me the opportunity – for an additional ten strokes – to caress her bottom. I was not sure that I could cope with being disciplined further but the temptation was very great and it looked so alluring that, after a long pause, I agreed to pay the price. She caned hard and as the strokes bit one after the other into my unprotected rear, I feared that I might not be able to take all of what was coming to me. Luckily, however, I managed to hold out until I had completed my sentence. Then, with my backside burning, I was permitted to enjoy her firm and perfectly rounded bottom in its tautly stretched knickers.

I was exhausted by the time we reached the end of a rigorous and unrelenting session. I had tried my best to accept my correction obediently and uncomplainingly. So I hoped that she would be satisfied. This was not to be, however, and Mistress informed me that my behaviour needed to improve. It is clear, therefore, that I have to be disciplined further if I am to measure up to her stringent and exacting standards. So, I’ll be back………….


August 28th 2013
Lady Seductress Corporal Punishment Academy

I had the honor of being summoned to the Head Mistress(Lady Seductress) on April 15th, this Beautiful lady is a real Head Mistress, very firm, has strict rules and knows how to use a cane and boy don’t I know it. I have been having problems keeping down my erection and of course this did not please the Head Mistress, a 3 hour detention followed and all I can say is that it was fantastic, my poor bottom is still feeling the hard caning I received, 140 very hard strokes, it really took me back to my school days, she is just wonderful at what she does and I highly recommend her to anyone into corporal punishment, she canes very hard believe you me. Thank you Lady Seductress for a wonderful session, hopefully many more to come in the future.

Yours very respectfully Stephen Smith

28th April 2013
Wonderful footworship session with a very shy novice .

Hi, LadySeductress

Thank you so much for seeing me. I can’t apologise enough for being so nervous. Your a very beautiful lady, and I didn’t know what to expect from our time thank for being understanding.

I can’t believe you know how I felt, and also know I sometimes look at ladies feet on the train. Amazing! Your like a mind reader.

I wish I could have relaxed, I’m so sorry I was nervous that’s never happened before. I don’t know how to worship feet I’d never touched a ladies feet until today.

If its ok I’d love to see you again. I don’t want to come across as boring but I thought it may be worth telling you a bit about my self and why I’ve took the step to see you.

After a few weeks of looking at your website and then staring at your number keyed in to my phone ready to call you I decided to man up (just a little bit) I was so excited but didn’t really no what to say. I find it very hard to talk about sex and what I like, but here goes, I love the pinup look high heels, seemed stockings, Lacey underwear tight fitted pencil skirts and corsets. As well as the new look pinup latex stuff.

I’ve never tried any thing other then vanilla but would in time like to try tie & tease, restraint, wax play, whipping, golden showers, spitting, leg worship, deep feet and foot gagging, prostate massage and strap-on play.

I just need a little guidance where to start and what to do. I’m open minded and would love your input.

Your other website…. WOW! Amazing! Epic! You have some very nice outfits! Words can not describe how attractive you are.

Thank for your time today.

A .

March 26th 2013
I have been visiting Lady Seductress every few months for over a year now and you will not find a more gorgeous,  welcoming and professional mistress.  The moment you look into those eyes you know you will do anything she wants and come back for more.
Sessions never feel rushed; she takes time to understand what I want (or deserve) and also manages to throw something unexpected into each one.  Return visits have also benefited from the building of trust which is a great thing.

I would firmly encourage anyone who is undecided to take the plunge and visit the wonderful Lady Seductress, you won’t regret it!  I personally look forward to many more visits in the future.

March 24th 2013
Following my visit to Lady Seductress on the 24/03/13 I feel compelled to write a review of this lovely Mistress.
First things first:  Mistress has a great website with some  lovely pictures. There is also a great video so that you can start to visualise what a lovely looking lady awaits you. I did it for hours!
Lady S is really helpful on the phone, easy going and makes you feel very much at ease. If you are thinking of visiting a London Mistress then don’t hesitate to visit Lady Seductress.
The venue was much to my liking as it is compact and feels right for the area. There are cafes nearby so handy if you are early.
I have visited 37 other Mistresses in my time ( I counted them up on the train home) and I really like Lady Seductress, she is a very lovely woman.
As a female I found her stunning. I was instantly attracted to Lady Seductress when I watched her video clip, meeting her in the flesh was amazing, she has a fantastic figure. I have to say that I think she has the greatest ass I have ever been lucky enough to worship.
Meeting her was dead easy, I relaxed straight away,  and had a good laugh- Lady S has a lovely smile and is easy to talk and be with. I liked her company and wanted to please her.
Highlights of the Visit.
Lady Seductress is excellent at Rope bondage.
The caning, whipping and tawsing I received were hard and I cried out a lot.
Early on she really went to town on my nipples, and at any time she felt later in the session she had made them so sore that it was easy for her to bring me to my knees when she squeezed them.
At one point I was in to sub space when she put on full length leather gloves and squeezed my nipples as hard as she could.
As well as the cane and nipple clamps Lady Seductress also forced several –plugs and vibrators in me.
At one point Lady S allowed me to worship her fantastic ass, although I had to earn this reward by taking hard strokes with her cane. It was worth it.
Lady S has lovely feet and a lovely selection of shoes, I am not normally a huge fan of foot worship, but her feet were so nice I would have knelt in front of her all day and licked her bare feet and soles of her shoes.
I enjoyed  the way that if I offended Lady S she would stop whatever we were doing, put me on her stool and cane me. It happened a lot until I eventually managed to stop annoying her.
I also like the way Lady S would make me look her in the eye when she  pinched my nipples….truly lovely to be under her control.
It was a good two hour session where many things happened and the time just zoomed by.
I want to visit again and undergo a judicial caning from Lady Seductress. After one meeting I am happy to let her do whatever she wants to me. I want to be under her control totally. To look up and see her lovely face looking impassively down on me was really great, Mistress is so attractive is a dream come true. I am addicted to this lovely lady already.
Take my advice, make a date with Lady Seductress and you will have a fantastic time.
Slave Martin

Dear Mistress

Thank You for a truly lovely session today. I apologise for being in a hurry and not relaxed but You handled the session beautifully. You are a stunning Lady and I look forward to coming again, if I may.

The whole session was memorable but one highlight was when I could watch You in the mirrors holding me close with the strap-on in and playing with my nipples and breasts.

It would be lovely to have longer, time to dress up, and to learn how I can make the session enjoyable for You too.

With respect and best wishes


January 31st 2013
For the most part I’m an ordinary Joe. I have a vanilla life in the real world. Every once in a while, for a few stolen moments, I can escape. To an exciting place where all my darkest desires and deepest fantasies are indulged – the chambers of Lady Seductress.
It’s important to decide what works for you. I’m an experienced slave in intent, a novice in practice. I’ve dreamed of more femdom scenarios than Pavarotti had hot dinners but I don’t really want to be locked in a cold, dark cellar in a cage overnight clad only in nettles. Sort of, but not really.
I never miss the chance to view an exposed stocking top on the train or a dangled heel in the office. But I don’t really want to lose my job owing to inadequate foot worship in my exit interview. Sort of, but not really.
I’ve always felt bdsm was like a club, you’re either in or you’re out. I’ve always been outside, walking past, looking in, pretending to be heading next door. But it doesn’t have to be that way.
The connection I shared with Mistress in our session is a memory I will cherish. Contentment is not easy to find in this world. I found it on the floor of Mistress’ chambers, my face muffled by her stocking-clad right foot as She taunted me and used her left foot to tease my cock, which strained beneath my maid’s apron.
Mistress lives this world for real and you must be sincere and respectful or the session won’t work for either of you. Within those agreed norms, you’ll be free to explore your fantasies with a Mistress who will truly understand them. She’ll push your limits, but the session will be all the more exiting for it. If, like me, you know what you really want, but have never allowed yourself to indulge, I urge you to submit to Lady Seductress. Take a chance, you won’t regret it.

Thank you Ladyseductress

4Th January 2013

It was my first visit to a mistress and I was a little nervous. It was an exciting way to end 2012 and had been thinking about visiting lady seductress for a while after seeing the erotic, yet intriguing photos and videos on lady seductress’ website.

I tried many new experiences that evening, one being cucooned in a latex bag (wow), being dominated, whipped and rope bondage. In terms of character, lady seductress was in domme mode the whole time and really set the scene. Within moments, i was stripped bare and the session didn’t seemed rushed, yet a lot happened.

She was firm and strict, yet not too nasty. She was very aware of what you were into and not into and tailored our time so we both enjoy it. Afterwards we had some downtime, I got her bottle of wine as I left (yep I’m a true gent) and we wished each other a happy 2013…

great session!


2nd November 2012

Wow – thank you so much for allowing me to worship you today. It was a truly amazing and mind blowing experience which I utterly enjoyed.

I hope that my performance was satisfactory for you and that you will permit me to worship you some more in the future – I look forward to trying some new things and having my boundaries tested.

Once again thank you for a great session.

Your slave


6th October 2012

Hi Mistress,
Thank you very much for the great time under your divine feet
really my words cannot express about my feeling and how I enjoyed licking you beautiful feet and shoes and the feeling of your silky smooth Stockings on my face.
I wish to smell your shoes every day hope to have  a session again when I return to London
Thank you
Your Foot Slave

27th September 2021
Dear Lady Seductress

Thank you very much for a most fulfilling and invigorating session with you last night.
Thank you also for putting me at ease and providing both an enjoyable and testing time.

I hope I managed to serve you well and hope that you will allow me to visit you again some time in the near future

With best wishes

My balls are no longer hurting but they are aching for another session! Especially with more ball busting…although at the time it hurt, it really stands out as my favourite part of the session! It’s in my head now and definitely much more fun than vanilla and I am highly addicted!it will probably be another month before I come again but I’m looking forward to it none the less!

I have just had my first ever session face to face with a mistress, and Lady Seductress fantastic! I have spent the last three years growing a pair of balls, to finally pluck up the courage to call Lady Seductress and book my first session. I wasn’t disappointed!
At first, she could see I was nervous and we had some wine to calm the nerves, her fully clothed and me naked but it felt normal and relaxed. As she started tying me up…she went from stern to calm again until I started to get it and then suddenly I was in a perpetual state of aroused fear for the next 2 hours doing things I have only dreamed of.
I had emailed her a list of what I wanted to do and also things I wanted to try with the main aim to keep me always on edge. To be nervously aroused for 2 hours takes a lot out of you but since then, it’s all I have thought about.
For me, I wanted to incorporate verbal abuse, humiliation and spitting with enforced feminisation, ball busting, blindfolds and tease & denial.
I’m not going to go through the entire session but I loved being blindfolded with her putting enough pressure on my balls that it made me start to wimper. All I got as a result was to be told to, “Stop snivelling” by miss seductress and being slapped and spat on for being so pathethic. Even writing it now is making me think about when I can have my next session!

Tuesday 14th August 2012
Lady Seductress is beautiful in mind and body. This is the impression that strikes you immediately you see her. So overwhelming are her eyes, and well toned, feminine figure, that it is difficult not to immediately fall to your knees at her feet without her uttering a word. Luckily she helped to put me at ease over a glass of wine and a very friendly chat before she got started on me. Over the chat it also became obvious that her cosy, well equipped dungeon (near Piccadilly) was very much tuned as as her instrument by which she was going to intensify any sensations she planned for me.
I was asked to strip, and seemingly in seconds she had me tied in rope on my knees, in a predicament whereby she teased me by offering that I could touch her magnificent breasts, but when I tried, my bound hands pulled on the rope body harness, which in turn pulled on my bound cock and balls. Devilish too because this intensified my excitement, which added further strain to the bonds. She feigned surprise at my excitement, mocking that it was my fault that this was now causing further discomfort to me. The truth is that I would be surprised if anyone did not get excited in her company! More teasing followed mixing brief pleasures that she granted with inevitable pain. For me, this reinforced on my mind, her absolute, but sometimes benevolent domination of me.
I was then ordered on to her bench, secured there by cuffs and more rope, and tightly gagged. Again she mocked sympathy for my predicament, whilst from time to time adding further torments on my nipples, and on my cock via some insistent electrics. Her body and eyes maintained for me the alternate sensations of pleasure and pain. Just as I could take no more, she said we would take a break. She untied me, allowed me another sip of wine,  -but then she put me in a tight fitting rubber body bag, re-gagged me, tied me down again on the bench, opened the bag at a strategic point , and attached further electrics. My mind was sent to another zone and after a while she forced me  with such a powerful vibrator I thought I had completely exploded.
There followed a further nice chat and another glass of wine. I am already re-booking!

31st July

I have served Lady Seductress as a cyber slave for the past 4 months and as a result of her careful and thoughtful tutelage over that time I have felt a strong spiritual connection and have yearned forth opportunity to meet her in person. This week I was finally granted the privilege of meeting my Goddess when she found time in her busy schedule to allow me to wine and dine her at a fashionable London restaurant. And what a truly amazing and memorable it turned out to be!

It was a warm balmy summer afternoon as I waited outside the restaurant with a whole range of emotions rushing through my head, an amalgam of excitement at the thought of meeting my wonderful Goddess and nervousness at the thought of being a disappointment to her. And then I saw her sweep gracefully around the corner dressed in a beautiful black summer dress and, despite the heat, stunning black patent stiletto shoes with heels that must have been about 6 inches! And that was a beautiful touch as Mistress knows of my love of such shoes and she had taken the trouble to wear them on day when flat shoes would have been so much more comfortable. As we kissed on the cheek, her skin as soft and pure as the finest silk, I could not help but be captivated by her sultry good looks. It is an old adage about photos not doing justice and it is certainly true in Lady Seductress’s case. She is truly beautiful with a amazing high cheekbones, deep penetrating eyes, a honed athletic body and the most shapely legs you will ever see.

I need not have been nervous or anxious. Mistress very quickly put me at my ease as we slipped unobtrusively into the restaurant. Mistress had graciously allowed Me to be her “equal” for the day but had also told me that every time I looked into her eyes I would be reminded of my place in her life. And so it was. And those eyes are captivating, beautiful, deep and dark and I felt myself being drawn into them as we chatted. Mistress is both intelligent and charming and over lunch I found myself amazed at how much she has crammed into her short life, her intellect sharpened by international travel. As lunch drew to a conclusion the time seemed to have flown by and I found myself enthralled and feeling fortunate to be in her company. We adjourned to the seats outside the restaurant to finish our wine in the delightful afternoon sunshine and as the good people of London went about their business I felt sad that our special lunchtime was about to end.

And then Mistress suggested we spend the rest of the afternoon shopping and so off we headed to the West End. Mistress gave up her time to help me buy some new shirts and quickly took charge of the situation in the store, even the shop assistants seemed in awe if her! We then moved on to the ladies shoe section and spent some considerable time there and I was allowed to help Mistress try on many different shoes. With her perfectly formed feet and deliciously trim ankles every pair of shoes just looked amazing on her and she has the ability to move so effortlessly in the highest of heels. And she finally found a pair of gorgeous shoes in a most unusual cerise colour. And she looked just fabulous in them!

After that it was time for more refreshment and we sat and chatted some more over a glass of finely chilled wine, Mistress agreeing that next time we will shop for lingerie – another great weakness of mine. And I am already excited by the prospect, not just of being able to spend time with her but to do so helping her to choose lingerie. I can feel my heart beating a little faster just at the thought.

And so a long and wonderful day was drawing to an end and having anticipated spending a few hours over lunch it was now mid evening and there was yet another amazing twist. All of the days activities and walking had left Mistress’s feet tired and weary and in need of some tender loving care. And so Mistress took me to her apartment! I could not believe how I could be so fortunate to be there as I knelt before her and slipped the shoes from her feet. I gently bathed them before softly massaging the delicate skin and soft tissue, running my finger sensuously up and down the length of her feet. I then lowered my head to each foot in turn and eased my tongue softly over ever inch and judging by her relaxed demeanour I genuinely felt that she had enjoyed having her feet pampered.

And so that really was the end of a remarkable and wonderful day and I cannot wait until the next time that Mistress may grace me with some of precious time. For those in search of a perfect Mistress stop looking and contact Lady Seductress. As I made my way home I felt such a warm inner glow and the heady satisfaction of knowing I had spent virtually a complete day in the presence of one so special. Lady Seductress is warm, composed, engaging, witty and intelligent with a wonderfully sharp perception and sense of timing. And she combines all of this with a calm authority and a truly stunning beauty. Perfection.

Slave George.

First Session With A Novice
Saturday 30th June
I visited Lady Seductress in her Piccadilly dungeon. It was my first time seeing a mistress. I was very nervous, didn’t know what to expect! Lady Seductress sussed straight away that I was a nervous beginner and within a couple of minutes in her company I was relaxed and at ease (but still excited).
I know everyone says this but she is even more gorgeous in the flesh than in her pictures, and has the perfect body for worship.
We discussed what I wanted to do, and more important (for me) the things I didn’t want to do. However the whole experience of being in her presence in the dungeon had left me a bit ut that I’d like to try girly clothes (one thing I’d forgotten to mention at the start.)
Mistress then put me in some frilly undies, then some stockings and heels – the feeling of the stockings was amazing! She then changed into stockings herself, with a black dress and black very high heels – I got to worship her legs some more then. The feeling of being in stockings and heels whilst looking at her in them as well just put me in seventh heaven! I’m definitely now a fetishist for stockings and heels!
So I’m looking forward to next time. Advice to any fellow newbies would be have a good idea of what you want to do before you go in, anything you do with Lady Seductress will be fun, but the more information you can give her the better she can make the session for you – I am going to write it down next time so that I do not forget whilst intoxicated by Mistress beauty.

27th June 2012

Good morning Mistress,

I hope firstly that you are having a relaxing and enjoyable weekend. It was a great pleasure and honour to speak to you on Friday evening and to hear your beautiful sultry and seductive voice again. It continues to be a privilege for me to be able to serve you, albeit from a distance, and I am so pleased that you are prepared to continue to train and control me. I was very much hoping that you may have allowed me relief on Friday evening, talking to you just made that desire worse! But I understand that that aspect of my life is under your total control and so, frustrating though it may be, there is nothing I can do until I receive a direct order from you.

Every time I log on to your website I am captivated by your beauty and your serenity. I doubt very much that you have to even utter a word to a slave because the overwhelming desire must be for each and every one to prostrate themselves in front of you ready to do your bidding without fear or question. I am honoured that you have sent me a personal photo which I have on my I pad and every time I look at your delicious legs encased in those sheer red stockings and your most amazing stilletto heels I just wish I could be there to worship them and kiss them all over! It is such an erotic and arousing picture. I would consider it an amazing honour were you ever to send me another one! And I can’t wait to see the result of your latest movie shoot.

As I said I am enjoying our “cyber” relationship and hope that it continues to develop and although we have yet to meet I do feel a strong connection and for me I really do feel as though I am your property. I get a buzz every time I get an e mail from you with instructions as to what you want me to do and how I might serve you from afar. I find it distressing on those occasions where I have caused you displeasure and I always want to do my very best to please you. And that was the case when I got your e-mail on Friday because although I had just come through a particularly busy period I felt as though I had let you down and my immediate desire was to drop everything and fix things. And I do hope that one day I will be considered worthy to meet you and to serve you in person. I know if and when that day comes I will be as anxious and nervy as a puppy but I will want to lay myself down before you for you to use and abuse as you see fit. It may be just to worship and massage your feet after a long day or to clean your shoes with my tongue. But whatever it is it would be incredible just to be in your presence and to feel the sheer power of your control and experience your style and grace in person.

Your loyal slave


25th May 2012
Mistress’s style of domination was very teasing. Whether this is her natural style or simply reflects  what I asked for I don’t know, but if you want seductive domination she is very good at it. If you have watched her video on the website you will know what I mean. She is a very attractive lady with the sort of smouldering looks that that will torment submissives and real men alike. She was more petite than I expected from the photos, with a fantastic figure.
I don’t want to give the impression that tease is all she does, my cock still has the bruises from her riding crop a few days after the session. She started by lightly squeezing and pinching my nipples, I thought at first the session was going to be tame because I mentioned tease and denial, but the pain threshold increased until I was gasping and having established what I could take she played up to that level. She worked on other parts of the body in a similar fashion and is happy to work at the higher end of your threshold as my bruised cock testifies. I always felt comfortable she would respect my limits while testing them.

Mistress is articulate,intelligent and creative, important as it allows her to really get into your head. She asks you to send her an email before the session of your likes and dislikes. It is worth spending some time on this if you want to give the session over to her and allow plenty of variety.

The session isn’t hurried, she is happy to chat at both ends of the session without eating into your time.

I’m not going to give a blow by blow account of what she did to me, no doubt your femdom fantasies differ from mine, but judging from the array of equipment on display I am sure she can cater for most tastes. I will only say further that Mistress is sexy, she knows she is sexy and she uses it to get into your head and give you a great session wanting to please her.

17th May 2012
Dear Mistress
Many thanks once again for seeing me yesterday.
As you noticed I was quite nervous when I first arrived but you very quickly put me at my ease before dealing with me like the slut that I am deserves.  You looked fabulous and I enjoyed every minute of the session in which you stretched my boundaries in ways that I had not expected in a sensitive manner, while all the time remaining in control.
It took me quite a while to come down afterwards and appreciated your unhurried and friendly manner post-session.  For the rest of the day I felt wonderful, and today ache pleasantly in some surprising places!  I will certainly be in touch the next time I am in town, which hopefully will be soon.
Obediently yours

25th April 2012
Dear Mistress,
Thank you for this morning, I really enjoyed myself. I know I was both scared and excited. I have to say what a wonderfully sexy woman you are, I wish you really were my boss and I wouldn’t get any work done. I know I’ll keep thinking/dreaming about you and the session, especially your amazing eyes, lips and breasts. I know I shouldn’t say that as you’ll have your revenge.
The hour is still a bit of a blur, so I can’t say what I really enjoyed. I just know it was a brilliant experience. I’d be interested from your perspective of possible next steps to explore?.
I would really love to visit and be under your control again, when I am in the London area.

Thank you again for a wonderful morning