London’s Sublime British Domina

Erotic, Sultry, Seductive and Powerful

Capturing My essence would be easy; I am sophisticated, fiery and exquisite: capturing the many other facets of my personality are more complex and would be for you to experience in person. As Lady Seductress, revered London Mistress, I have held a place in the hearts and minds of slaves, subs, sissies and fetishists worldwide for some years and will continue to do so as long as I am thrilled by the erotic BDSM practice I am known for. 

Embracing maturity, I am one of those lucky ones who has only improved with age and not been depleted by it. The experience that I now have under my belt serves me perfectly in all quarters of life. As suggested above, I am able to role-play, assume character and/or relay my true wicked self to the males and sissies I give audience to.

My recent areas of interest and practice include: sissification and sissy servility, tie and tease, spanking/caning/CP, worship, chastity and role-play. A carefully selected and well kept wardrobe ensures I am always suited to the occasion and my love of the finer things in life adds to my practice, style and looks. I love to travel and wish to do much more in the coming future. My limits are less – my hunger for thrills, more. 

From my piercing gaze, to the hourglass figure enveloped in the softest of skin, down my toned legs to the beauty of my pampered feet; I am all the Mistress you need.

So, now you’ve been allowed a glimpse, why not enquire and get the real life deal, pending my approval that is… 

Wickedly yours,

Lady Seductress

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