Don’t Be Fooled, My Dear Fool (Mature In Mind, Young In Looks)

It must mostly be in the genes but on top of that, I, Lady Seductress always makes the effort to take care of oneself from top to toe. Pristine in both self and attire, I can lay claim, that I am regularly mistaken for a woman of much lesser years, on appearance that is and then some more in spirit. However, when it comes to the mind and to action I am a wonderfully, genuine mature woman – for experience cannot be denied.

So be fooled then not, slaves, submissives and sissies for I have all the goods, all right here.




Best buggering of your life so far

Strapping you down to the whipping/strap-on bench you feel My cool hands glide across your skin as I buckle you up, you want to suddenly escape but you want to, in a split second, take the cock inside so bad.

After putting on the latex gloves I start warming you up with My fingers. Using lube and an experienced technique I loosen you up, I then move to the strap-on, which I strap on, then slip up – your hole now quite accommodating.

After I take you with the strap on I then move closer and lube you up again, inserting the huge cock into you as you groan with pleasure and fear  and watch as you get the best buggering of your life so far.

In Line, In My Chambers

There will be no lateness, there will be no rudeness or even a shoddy turnout: and if there is lateness, if there is rudeness or even a shoddy turnout you will feel the wrath of my new set of canes – yes, you heard correctly and they are waiting for you, my slaves, sluts, subs, sissies and naughty boys. In Line

Lady Seductress of Central London



Exquisite Sublime Dominatrix Refined Classy Mistress Perfection Itself

Fingernails – shaped, sharp and beautifully coloured.

Feet – pampered, and pedicured.

Toes – perfectly shaped – nails to match those on my fingers.

Hair – healthy, glossy and styled everyday.

Face – elegant when nude, glamorous when made up.

Body – firm to the touch, yet soft silky skin.

Voice – slightly husky and very well spoken.

Mind – sharp, dangerous, engaging with a  mischeivous edge.

Lady Seductress – check.

What To Expect – 6 Simple Steps To A Great Mistress Slave/Sub/Fetishist Relationship

1. Arrive clean, shaven and bearing the most deference – this Mistress will not stand for anything less.
2. Speak when spoken to but if you are not sure about something then take the chance of raising a question – if I am having a good day you may get an answer, a bad day may see you put down before we’ve even started.
3. Have your tribute ready and correctly counted – this is the most important part that you should always endeavour the most to get right.
4. If you’ve made it so far make sure you fold your clothes  after being commanded to strip as I, Lady Seductress take extreme offence at slovenly pigs.
5. Do not expect everything all at once – I do things in my own time and you will get your just desserts whether hot or cold.
6. Always return for further training – it will benefit both of us; mark my words.

Glint of Steel, Grasp of Clamp 

Glint of Steel, Grasp of Clamp

See the glint of the steel and feel the coolness against your groin as I expertly apply the clamp. Stopping the erection should be an option and one that only I should choose – that is once you are strapped down, held down and kept down, until I say otherwise.